Weekly TBT Post: Dubrovnik!


*Dubrovnik!* Dubrovnik, Croatia did not disappoint. It definitely deserves an exclamation point. As the highlight of the 2016 summer Europe trip for most of our group, I’d have to agree. Two nights in this walled-in city with a history just as interesting as its architecture wasn’t nearly enough time.

Ready for a million pictures of super-cool Dubrovnik? OK, great. 🙂



On our first night, we went on a guided walking tour of the city and checked out the nightlife. The next morning, we were up and about for sea kayaking!



Where we docked to swim.

After kayaking, the group split up. Most headed to do Game of Thrones-related things. Since I live under a rock and haven’t watched the show, unaware until then that it was filmed in Dubrovnik, I wandered for a bit. Then I hopped on a ferry, hoping it was the one our guide had recommended that sailed to a small island, and somehow didn’t get charged as the boat sailed away…



Pirate ship?

Luckily, I had boarded the right boat and ended up on this island, where I’d spend a few hours following the map of things to do.



This little lagoon was called the Dead Sea.


Meeting some animal friends. Giant hares!


Botanical garden.


It’s hard to tell from this photo, but this hill was SO STEEP. People were literally stripping as they climbed on the 99% humidity day.


Made it to the fortress at the top of the hill!


After all that hiking, I took a nice siesta on this beach chair.


…and woke from my nap to a peacock!

With as much dumb luck as I had getting to the island, I hopped on a ferry for the return trip and again didn’t get charged. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Bye, island!


Back on the mainland, I walked around the massive wall that surrounds the city. And  It. Was. Incredible! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


Walking at sunset was stunning. Having been to a few European cities by this point, there was something extraordinary about Dubrovnik, especially seeing it from such a unique vantage point.



Catching the sunset before hopping on the city bus back to the hostel.


I literally ran off the bus to the shore to get this photo. 🙂


Since we’d gone out in the city on our first night, I took advantage of some quiet time enjoying this view with a cider on the hostel patio, resting my tired legs and happily reflecting on all that I’d seen.

. . . .

And because any place I visit wouldn’t be complete without cat-stalking, here are some felines caught on candid camera:


Awww. 💤


Cat paparazzi.


Cat gang? My imagination could only hope.


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