Weekly TBT Post: A Hot Minute in Montenegro πŸ‡²πŸ‡ͺ



Cruising up to Budva, Montenegro like: 😍😍😍

Tanned like Aussie/Kiwi/American-Greeks, our group disembarked from our sailboats and boarded the bus to Croatia. On the way, we drove through Montenegro, spending enough time on the twisty-turny roads to take pictures while jaws dropped in awe–at least mine did. (And thanks to our driver, Peter, for keeping us from falling off a cliff!)


Helloooo, Montenegro! (No, I did not ask others around me to confirm that this was a country… πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈYikes. As always, blaming my flawed American education.)


Looking back, this reminds me of scenery in South Africa as well. Different parts of the world aren’t so different after all.



The nature of the fast-paced Europe tour we’d signed up for (zipping through more than a dozen countries in under a month) meant having just enough time in a country to get a tiny taste of the culture. In those short amounts of time, I still enjoyed soaking up as much of my surroundings as possible, through photos and through precious moments taking an imaginary photo–keeping my phone stashed away, but absorbing as much as I could through my eyes to store to memory.



Hey there, little overcrowded island πŸ‘‹

Montenegro was one of the countries we barely got a taste of, almost literally spending a hot minute there. (After a bit of driving, we spent a couple hours in Budva for a lunch break, and it was most certainly hot–well above 30 degrees Celsius/90 degrees Fahrenheit.)


Going for a dip.


The cold sea felt SO good.


As a Pisces, I’m always drawn to water straightaway. After seeing quite a few European beach spots by this point, I’d observed that nearly any patch of shore was overpopulated in the hot, hot summer. Despite rocky shores instead of the soft Australian sand I’d get to know months later, I always had to walk into the water as far as my shorts would allow. This time, the excruciating heat made me go all in, after changing into my swimsuit (“togs” for any Kiwis reading this; “swimmers” or “cozzie” for any Aussies πŸ˜›).

Cassie and I wandered for as long as time allowed, strolling through tiny alleys and accomplishing our goal of finding gelato. 🍦 Then it was time to reboard the hot bus and head on to one of the main highlights of the summer trip: Dubrovnik, Croatia!



Bye, Budva!






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