Weekly TBT Post: Greece 🇬🇷



After our TopDeck group toured through Italy in July 2016, we sailed in Greece for three days and nights. I can clearly remember the bluest blue sea that matched the sky, tanning on the sailboat deck, and daily swim breaks, but I realized I had no recollection of the names of the towns where we docked each night. We would cruise up to land on different parts of Corfu, put on clothes for dinner, eat a delicious Greek meal, drink wine, and at some point, crawl into our coffin-sized beds on the sailboats to sleep. Which was probably the point of those few days: forget about the details and enjoy a daily schedule of swim-nap-eat-sleep-repeat.


From Italy, we traveled on this Titanic-sized ferry for 15+ hours. I slept like the dead in our tiny, tiny, windowless room for four–with a bathroom barely big enough to set foot in. 😂


Our skipper, Hercules, led us fearlessly for the whole trip once we departed from Igoumenitsa. We didn’t find out till the end that he was younger than all of us. 😹


Close quarters. I still slept like a baby on the top bunk, despite the rocking waves and general chaos of 8 people sleeping on one sailboat.


Kitchen/living room. Fun fact: keep the cabinets closed. Or all the plates will fly at you and break when big waves hit. I heard that somewhere… #FAIL

Having no itinerary but lying out on the boat and chatting while listening to music, eating, and relaxing was pretty amazing. No cell service and no land distractions really forces you to chill.


Notice the TopDeck flag on our boat. 🙂


The above photo of Blue Lagoon was our favorite swim stop. The water color was unreal, and a bunch of us grown-ups enjoyed floating around on rafts and inner tubes (also called lilos? I’m still (always) learning new Aussie/Kiwi slang :)). We also got to swim into a little cave beyond the boats.


Where we docked for night one. A family cooked our group dinner and gave us discounted water activities the next day! Not pictured: PARASAILING with Cassie (sooo much fun) and riding on a banana boat with a dozen people (but sitting in the front row and getting soaked the entire time = not as much fun).


Docking for night two. Stalking cats, as usual. We got to do transitional dancing–including table dancing by holding the table in your mouth! It sounds insane, but we all did it. And THEN we watched crazy-talented dancers light the floor on fire and dance around it!


Docking for night three. Sunburnt to a crisp (despite SPF 90) and not sharing my wine.

The sunset on our last night was the perfect ending to an incredible few days, unlike any travel experience I’d had before. (I’ll stick with that story, instead of the all-night boat party that my grandma self slept through. Hey, I love my sleep. 💤🤷🏻‍♀️💤)






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