“Late bloomers arrive when they want to…

…and then they grow up.”

I recently stumbled across lyrics I’d written down from a Jenny & Johnny song (the “Jenny” half being Jenny Lewis, one of my musical idols), and figured that was a fitting place to start with this blog.

I’m turning 30 next month and flying with a one-way ticket to New Zealand in a week. I won’t waste time on the all-too-familiar topic of where someone my age might be expected to be at this point; let’s just leave it at, I’m aware of typical life stages–and of my position, in contrast.

It’s become clearer over the years that my way of thinking doesn’t exactly fit with the norm (whatever that is–for lack of a better word). I’m getting used to strange looks and comments from others (usually strangers) because they can’t exactly put me in a box: someone who is always running late and usually not doing the thing I’m supposed to be doing when society says I should be doing it (graduating college early, not finishing grad school and starting a career until 28, then taking a break from said career after a year, and being [*gasp*] content being single and traveling the world). If I had a dollar for every time someone said, “Travel now, before you settle down” (and thus making many, many assumptions after having known me for 5 seconds)…well, I’d probably be able to afford to upgrade from hostels to hotels.

Above all, I feel beyond fortunate to have been able to travel to so many parts of the world already. The wonders I’ve seen in the past year are impossible to sufficiently describe, even with pictures, but the memories are seared in my mind. Along with the feeling of true joy from accomplishing goals others thought were terrifying–myself included.

To start, this blog will be for documenting my time in New Zealand (and other TBD countries as the year goes on). I also plan to back-log my previous trips (Peru, 17 countries in Europe, Australia, and South Africa). My goals are to keep people in the loop about what I’m up to, help myself reflect as life keeps moving at a whirlwind pace, and to inspire others to travel! And to prove that no matter how many people try to put you in a box, you can still keep running on your own time. 🙂

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned!



One thought on ““Late bloomers arrive when they want to…

  1. I cant wait to follow you around the world my friend! I really want to travel more – although I am not financially able right now – maybe one day I will be visiting you in the amazon, or Peru, or Russia…at least for now I can see some of the world through you eyes 🙂

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